Friday, June 2, 2017

Denver Children's Museum

We took our holiday during school term, but Silas didn't get out of doing school!

To Silas' joy, they had a fire truck.

He was in heaven.

Dad got to help with a construction project.

We built an airplane.

We also used real tools.

Silas is learning and he doesn't even know it!


Shopping?  I guess he needs to learn that too.

Some fun things will plastic balls.

And some "safe" wall climbing.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Country Road Cafe

While at Uncle Rob's house, we went to this nice cafe

Silas was trying some new "western" food.

Yummy burrito.

Some happy boys.

This place is covered with cute signs.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tina and Chance

Tina is trying to teach Chance how to be a lap-dog.


Kids from the neighbourhood would build forts in the woods.
We found a few.


Most days we went for a long hike with Rob's dog Chance.

Of course, Silas had to find the digger!

What a beautiful back yard Rob has.

I thought Silas or Chance would end up in the water...
Most likely Silas.

Having fun?

Hiwan Heritage Park

We went to visit this old historic house in Evergreen, Colorado.

Silas liked the costumes.

It was amazing to see how people lived back then.

It was a difficult time.

Silas loved the buffalo rug.

Old fashioned knocker.

I don't think this horse was original, but it was fun.

Monday, May 29, 2017


Silas is enjoying the mountain streams and wildlife.

Green Chili Breakfast Burrito

Green Chili Breakfast Burrito in the Mountains.

Yum Yum.

Thanks Uncle Rob for being such a great host.

Beau Jo's Pizza

Eating at Beau Jo's Pizza in Evergreen Colorado!!!

There was a nice man making incredible balloon animals.

Mmmmm.  Mountain Pizza Pie.

Silas seems happy.

Certainly Uncle Rob and I are ready to eat.

This is the best part.  Honey on the crust!